7 year old Elizabeth White raises over £1000 for The Courtyard!

Super-star runs a mile to school and back for 30 days as a Courtyard Fundraiser!

In the middle of June, 7 year old Elizabeth White decided to raise money for The Courtyard. She asked friends and family to sponsor her to run 1 mile to school and back for 30 days!

Elizabeth described The Courtyard as “one of her favourite places” and said she wanted to raise money for it as she “misses it so much”.

It all started when Elizabeth and her Mum, Rebecca White, were listening to BBC Hereford & Worcester radio and there was a girl featured who was raising money for a zoo as she loved animals and Elizabeth said “I’d like to do that mummy”. When asked who she wanted to raise money for she didn’t know. Her Mum asked her to think of somewhere she likes and that is in need. Elizabeth replied with… “The Courtyard, as I love doing shows there and watching shows there and eating ice creams and it’s closed”

You can follow Elizabeth’s exciting journey to go above and beyond her fundraising goal on Facebook here:

Rebecca White, Elizabeth’s very proud Mum, said:
“Elizabeth decided she wanted to run Wednesday and Thursday as that was our days on our own as Flo, her little sister, was at nursery. After a day we had raised over £100, so she extended it to 30days! Elizabeth chose to run to school as it comforted her to know it was there even though she couldn’t go. Sometimes she caught a glimpse of a teacher who would wave. It really gave her focus and made a routine out of our day. The fundraising total was also great for her maths, working out how much she had gone up each day. It was wonderful to watch her get so excited that she herself had raised the money!”

Here’s Elizabeth completing the last run…

Thank you so much Elizabeth, from the bottom of our hearts, for fundraising for us. You are a star, and we are beyond grateful for your support. We can’t wait to welcome you back when we reopen!

If you would like to hold a fundraiser to support The Courtyard though these incredibly difficult times, simply click below:

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