A glimpse behind the scenes of the production TWO

Originally performed by just two people, the Courtyard Senior Youth Theatre is taking over Jim Cartwright’s 1989 dramatic comedy and bringing it up-to-date… and throwing in a few extra actors. Set in a cosy pub over the course of just one night, the audience will be introduced to a variety of characters and couples, all with their own quirks and quandaries. The fast-paced humour and a tragic backstory of two, combined with the creativity and style being brought in under the direction of Ellen Dorsett is sure to invite the audience to order another drink and spend the evening entertained by the life of the pub.

After taking a term to look at the characters, styles, and themes of the play, we were ready for our auditions, at which we each had to perform a monologue from Two, as well as one that we had written ourselves. After this, the waiting began, and we returned from our Christmas holidays to discover and take on our new roles. While most of the group have characters from the original script, others have the opportunity to try something new in the form of parts created specifically for our own version of the play.

Since casting, we have spent a lot of time looking at physical theatre and its potential in our story. Matthew Lawrence, a member of the senior group and the assistant director, has been heavily involved in the decisions and planning of the production, especially with regards to this aspect. His experience and enjoyment of this style is valuable to both director and actors alike.

This isn’t the only behind-the-scenes role that has been taken on by a youth theatre member this year. Music, marketing, and design are all areas that are being influenced by people in the play, giving us the opportunity to be more involved than ever in our production.

We are now looking forward to further work on the movement and characterisation of the piece, and hoping to move into the script and blocking of the show before Easter. This play is set to be a challenge for us, something that is hopefully a little different to anything we have done and you have seen. While we don’t suggest that you take life or relationship advice from our characters, we would love you to pay our “pub” a visit this summer and see our take on Two.

By Lisa Taberner
Courtyard Senior Youth Theatre

Lisa TWO

TWO will be in The Courtyard’s Studio on the 19, 20, 21 July at 7.45pm. To book tickets for TWO click here, or for more information contact the Box Office on 01432 340555.