A package holiday like no other

This June, 2Magpies Theatre return to The Courtyard with their immersive production Last Resort.

Creating an alternative future for Guantanamo Bay, the prison camp has been transformed into a luxury holiday resort and you, the audience, are holidaymakers. Just like any resort, you will be welcomed by reps who will make you feel comfortable during your stay. Now sit back and relax in your bright orange deck chair, enjoy your rum cocktail and feel the sand run between your toes, as you are taken through a tropical haze on a multi-sensory package holiday.

Whilst being immersive, the show will also be disorientating. Relaxing on your sun lounger with your rum may seem normal for a holiday, but here, in The Courtyard’s Studio Theatre, it is completely out of place. This is an extraordinary rendition and it is all inclusive. This bold and confrontational theatrical approach will send you home with something to think about. Can we conceal the scars left on a tropical paradise once the waterboarding has stopped?

This immersive show was developed through a research process bringing together artists, academics and human rights organisations including Reprieve. Commissioned by The Lowry.

“A powerful performance ★★★★” – Reviews Hub

“This is political theatre at its finest” – ★★★★ The List

Last Resort will be in The Courtyard’s Studio Theatre on Thursday 21 June, 7.45pm.  To book tickets for Last Resort click here, or for more information contact the Box Office on 01432 340555.

Don’t miss it!