The Board

The Courtyard Board

Name: Dr Roger Morgan
Job Description: Chairman

Name: Mr Michael Sharp
Job Description: Vice Chairman

Name: Ms Stephanie Allen
Job Description: Board Member

Name: Mrs Joanna Cobb
Job Description: Board Member

Name: Mr Chris Green
Job Description: Board Member

Name: Mr Steve Liddle
Job Description:
Board Member

Name: Mr Tom McEwen
Job Description: Board Member 

Name: Mrs Alison Palfrey
Job Description:
Board Member



Name: Ms Alison Vermee
Arts Council England (West Midlands)

Name: Katie Owen
Staff Representative

Name: Cllr Anthony Powers

Name: Fletcher Garrard
Youth Theatre Representative


In Attendance

Name: Mr Alex Green
Job Description: General Manager

Name: Mr Ian Archer
Job Description: Chief Executive & Artistic Director

Name: Mrs Mel Langford
Job Description: Administrator & PA to the Chief Executive (minute secretary)

Name: Mrs Sally Hodge
Job Description: Head of Finance

Name: Mr Curtis Fulcher
Job Description: Head of Communications