Adopt a Seat


Adopt A Seat To Support The Courtyard

Did you know you can adopt a seat at The Courtyard to support our work? Subject to availability, you can choose a seat in our Main House or Studio to celebrate a special birthday, anniversary or in memory of someone special who loved the arts. You can create your own dedication for the plaque which personalises the donation even more.

You can adopt a Main House seat for £300 per year or £750 for three years. You can adopt a Studio seat for £200 per year or £500 for three years. This can be a one off donation or you can set up a direct debit to cover the period of your choice.

The adoption includes the named plaque on a chosen seat for one or three years depending on the package you choose. You will also receive a commemorative certificate, posted to yourself or your recipient.

We’ve just launched a new appeal, Give The Green Light, to convert our performance spaces to eco-friendly LEDs so why not consider purchasing a light, demonstrating your support to the community, as this includes a 10-year seat plaque. More information can be found on our Support Us page.

If you want more information about the scheme, please contact the Fundraising Manager, Melanie Denning, on, otherwise, the forms are available to download here on the website. Thank you.