Annie-body can enjoy this blast from the past!

The announcement of the new version of Annie brought back many memories for me, as I’m sure it has for plenty of others.

Just over seven years ago I was a big fish in the small pond of Kingstone High School, preparing to audition for the role of Miss Hannigan in that year’s school production, Annie.

I was too old at this point to be considered for the lead role but that was never for me anyway. Miss Hannigan is an incredible character to play – she brings laughs as she bumbles her way around the orphanage as well as being totally pitiful in her misguided attempts to woo a whole host of male characters.  I was the favourite to get the part (who knows what that says about me) but I’d seen others rehearsing and was feeling quite jittery about my audition – I had to do something big, I would pretend to be drunk.

They called my name and I barged into the audition room (aka the music classroom with the tables pushed back against the walls). My 15 year old attempt at behaving like a drunkard was probably quite over the top – falling over my own feet, looking cross eyed at my teachers, all the things that would make me cringe to see an actor do these days – but, my teachers liked it enough to give me the part and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

The next few months were a roller coaster of line learning, rehearsals and hours having my hair fried to within an inch of its life (see picture below) and it was an experience I thoroughly enjoyed. Annie is such a fantastic musical that never fails to put a smile on my face, and I was so pleased to hear they were bringing it in to the 21st century.

the hans

There have been questions about the casting but I have faith that Cameron Diaz will bring a great sense of humour to the part of Miss Hannigan and the changes they’ve made to the rest of the show will keep it relevant to its new audience.

You can book tickets to see the film at The Courtyard by visiting the website or calling Box Office on 01432 340 555. I know I’ll be there!