Author: Ethan Hargreaves

3 images of women in horror films The first is a young woman stood in a prom dress covered in blood The second is a young woman in a jumper who looks forward with concern The final image is an older woman wearing an oldfashioned black dress
Top Horror Films from our Young Film Programmers!

Top Horror Films for Halloween! Before Horror-ford kicks off we wanted to catch up with our Young Film Programmers and…

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Image 7 people stand outside The Courtyard underneath a sign that says I Love CY
Cultivate@Courtyard 2023 – Meet the Cultivate Artists

The Courtyard is pleased to announce the four emerging artists selected to work on the Cultivate 2023 visual arts project.…

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2022 Top Films According to You 3 film stills 1 Elvis Austin Butler sits at a piano and looks at the camera 2 Downton Abbey A New Era A couple embrace after getting married 3 Where the Crawdads Sing a young woman sits in court next to her lawyer an older man
Top Films of 2022 (According to You…)

Find out what our audiences top films of 2022 were based on our sales and your reviews! You’ve heard what…

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2022 Top Films According to Our Staff 3 still images from films The first is a woman whose face is being relected by cracked glass The second is Tom Cruise in a fighter jet in Top Gun Maverick The third is a person in a silver protective suit stood in front of an active volcano
Top Films of 2022 (According to our staff…)

Ever wondered about our staffs film taste? Well here’s a look into their top films of 2022! With 2022 coming…

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The cover of a document The text read The Courtyards Zombie Apocalypse Response Plan with white marks having redacted some words Above the text is a red stamp that reads Confidential In the bottom right of the image are two blood red hand prints
The Courtyard’s Zombie Apocalypse Emergency Response Plan

With Halloween coming up, it’s best to be prepared for all scenarios… including a Zombie Apocalypse!   If you find…

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An exterior shot of The Courtyard with the Talk Community Hub logo in the top left corner In the bottom right are the words Warm Space
We’re a Warm Space!

The Courtyard joins Talk Community initiative to become a ‘Warm Space’ this Winter As we move towards winter, many people…

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Clear boxes numbered 1 to 5 sit next to the studio theatre entrance Inside the boxes are film tickets which customers have used to vote with
Film Ratings – Updated Monthly!

Let us know what you think via our Film Ratings boxes! Our Film Ratings boxes are back outside the studio…

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Image A person holds a hand written note in front of the camera
Recovery Street Film Festival 2022

This September we’re housing the Recovery Street Film Festival run by Turning Point. You’ll find short films submitted to the…

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