Courtyard Youth Theatre Visit Herefordshire Care Homes

If you go out in Herefordshire today…

You’ll be in for a big surprise because our Down To The Woods cast have been busy!

A really important part of the ‘Down to The Woods’ project has been the outreach work, we wanted to use this project as a way of engaging with the community and it has resulted in some wonderful partnerships and lots of meaningful interactions.

The cast have visited care homes, schools and nurseries around the county – taking their very special teddy bear’s picnic which has involved lots of singing, dancing and games.

The cast spent a lovely afternoon with residents from Credenhill Court Rest Home last month. They took their teddies in to meet them, including Big Ted, and had a great time dancing and singing with them. It was a wonderful session and we are very grateful to both the care home for having us and Wye Knot Movement for facilitating such a great session.

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A member of the Down To The Woods cast with a resident of Credenhill Care Home


A group of students taking part in a workshop with care home residents
Members of the Down To The Woods cast taking part in a workshop with residents of Credenhill Care Home

Feedback from Field Farm House Residential Home

“Thank  you so much for arranging for The Courtyard to come and do a performance for the residents, and a huge thank you to The Courtyard team that performed for us.

The residents really enjoyed the experience, and to see the youngsters that were all so full of energy and happiness made the residents very happy and lifted their spirits. Some of our more reserved residents benefitted from the social interaction, and felt a great sense of inclusion and felt less isolated.

Almost all the residents that attended the performance greatly enjoyed the mood enhancing benefits, the feelgood factor and seeing the younger generation and interacting with them. Other residents that were in the adjacent area, sat and listened to the music and also gained a sensory benefit and were much more upbeat. They sat and listened to the whole performance.

Overall it was a wonderful afternoon for our residents, to socialise and enjoy themselves and to experience something pleasantly surprising with a great atmosphere. Thanks very much again, look forward to the next one!” – Deirdre, Activity Coordinator

A girl holds knitted teddies out towards a care home resident
A member of the Down To The Woods cast looking at toys with a resident of Credenhill Care Home


Cast members of Down To The Woods dancing in a care home wearing pink t shirts with the show logo on
Cast members of Down To The Woods dancing in Venns Lane Care Home

Feedback from the cast

‘I’ve enjoyed going into the care homes to share our ‘Down to The Woods’ extracts, it’s been an utterly heartwarming experience. I’ve felt like they all loved it, and so did I’ – Lily

‘I’ve enjoyed going out to the care home and being able to bring a smile to the community there’ – Katherine

‘I’ve really enjoyed going out to the care homes and making them feel happy’ – Beth

‘I enjoyed visiting the school, and seeing how happy and interested they were. It’s helped me to feel more confident in front of people.’ – Beth

‘I really enjoyed the session and thought it was encouraging and fun to experience interacting with the kids. I absolutely enjoyed having a great time with the school’ – Ethan

A young girl looking at soft toys with a care home resident, who is smiling
Snuffles the rabbit meeting one of the Credenhill Care Home residents!


Residents in a care home holding a big teddy bear on a series of coloured ties
Residents of Venns Lane Care Home lifting a special teddy guest

Feedback from Dolly Mixtures Nursery

Thank you so much for coming to visit us. It was amazing! The children loved it and the parents loved that you came too.  We love forming links with the community, so this was the perfect opportunity for us and the children. We would love to link us in the future.

A girl holding a giant teddy bear out to an elderly gentleman
A member of the cast holding a giant teddy bear out to a resident of Venns Lane Care Home


Young people blowing bubbles around the residents of a care home
The cast blow bubbles around the residents of Venns Lane Care Home


‘I have felt quite emotional seeing the impact the outreach work has had, particularly in the care homes. The cast have been incredible, I couldn’t be prouder of how they have conducted themselves and represented The Courtyard.’

Ellen Dorsett, Youth & Communities Participation Manager

As you can see, the feedback we have received so far has been fantastic, and the cast have done a great job engaging with the local community!

Down To The Woods is on from Wednesday 19 – Saturday 22 July at The Courtyard. You are invited to bring your favourite toy and come down to the woods for a very special Teddy Bear’s picnic!

This interactive family performance will see your little ones transported to a magical woodland, where they will be joined by some of their favourite fairy-tale characters, who are in for a big surprise.

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