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Courtyard Tickets

Courtyard Tickets

Here at The Courtyard Box Office we are proud to sell tickets. In the past 12 months we have sold tickets for over 2300 events spanning from live shows, screenings, films, workshops and events in the wider community. We take pride in our customer service and go always strive to go that extra mile for our customers. Using our ticket system, Spektrix, we have access to a wide range of Sales & Marketing tools to optimise sales and ensure that the booking process is as smooth as possible.

Our full Box Office service enables customers to book in the following ways:

  • Online 24/7 with your own dedicated event page
  • In Person at The Courtyard Box Office (Mon-Sat, 10am – 8pm)
  • By Phone 01432 340555 Pay by most major debit and credit cards

Other benefits include:

  • Promoter internet login so you are able to check live sales figures for your event online at any time
  • Bespoke marketing packages to help promote your event
  • Banking all cash, cheque and card transactions throughout the sales period and transfer funds minus commission and other charges after your event(s)
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