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Six drag artists pose for the camera Writing next to them reads Dazzling Entertainment presents the smash hit comedy variety drag show The Dazzling Diamonds with two 5star reviews underneath
The Dazzling Diamonds – Comedy Variety Drag Show

Get ready to be dazzled by The Dazzling Diamonds! 💎✨ The Dazzling Diamonds make a triumphant return with a brand-new…

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Three performers pose underneath the title One holds a fishing rod attached to a seagull one holds her hands up in surprise and one cups his hand to shout across them Writing reads Deaths At Sea Sea Sailors  Seriously Bad Acting
Our Star Theatre Company Presents: Death(s) at Sea

A small theatre company are performing their new murder-mystery play ‘Death at Sea’, but despite their best efforts, everything goes…

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Dial M For Mayhem  6 people stand behind a banner which reads Dial M For Mayhem
Dial M for Mayhem

Starring Alasdair Baker, Isabella Inchbald, Eliza Langland, Joey Lockhart, Luke Rhodri and Theo Woolford. Middle Ground Theatre Company Ltd is…

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Three women and a man stand and pose for a selfie outside a restaurant
Two Tickets to Greece (15)

As teenagers, Blandine and Magalie were inseparable. Years passed and they lost sight of each other. As their paths cross…

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The Full Monty in glittery gold letters on a blue background
HMTC Presents: The Full Monty

Based on the 1997 hit film, The Full Monty, a ten-time Tony Award nominee, is filled with honest affection, engaging melodies and the…

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An image of a man in a suit and bow tie sitting at a piano
Don’t Shoot Me, I’m Only The Piano Player

A runaway success in London’s West End, at successive Edinburgh Festivals, at the Melbourne Comedy Festival and right across the…

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A drawing of a woman putting her hands around a crystal ball Inside there is a drawing of a man looking shocked surrounded by different objects being offered to him
Houdini’s Greatest Escape

New Old Friends in association with Yvonne Arnaud Theatre present Houdini’s Greatest Escape Don’t miss this laugh out loud adventure…

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Three actors dressed as the Faulty Towers cast a waiter screaming towards the camera a man in a suit looking angry at a telephone and a woman tilting her head to the side smiling They are stood next to a sign that mimics the sign from the TV show that reads Faulty Towers the original dining experience
Faulty Towers Dining Experience

Interactive Theatre International presents: Direct from London’s West End via the legendary Sydney Opera House, Interactive Theatre International are proud…

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