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Three woman and a man pose for a selfie with a phone In the bottom left is the French Film Festival UK logo
Two Tickets to Greece [Les Cyclades] (15)

Three feisty women play estranged childhood friends who tentatively reunite for a trip to the Greek Islands. Recently divorced, and…

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A man and a woman stand embracing in the middle of a room
The Nature of Love [Simple Comme Sylvain] (15)

Sophia, a 40-year-old philosophy teacher, is in a stable if somewhat socially-conforming relationship with Xavier. From gallery openings to endless…

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A man a woman and two children stand around a large wooden table covered in food
Taste of Things [La Passion de Dodin Bouffant] (12A)

This mouthwatering and sensual exercise in haute cuisine and late-flowering romance is set in 1885 and almost totally within the…

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An older woman and a middleaged man sit on a bench in Paris
Driving Madeleine [Une Belle Course] (15)

When taxi driver Charles takes a booking to drive a passenger across Paris he discovers his passenger is 92-year-old Madeleine…

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The body of a man lies in the snow with blood pouring from their head Stood to the side is two people
Anatomy Of A Fall [Anatomie D’une Chute] (15)

When a frustrated writer dies of suspicious causes, the clues he left behind would appear to implicate his wife. If…

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