A Nation at War – Ukraine

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This is a free exhibition, no booking required.

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Step into the sombre realm of human conflict through the lens of courageous photographers who have captured the raw and poignant faces of the war in Ukraine. The Courtyard will be hosting an emotionally charged photography exhibition that transcends mere imagery to convey the profound human experience amidst turmoil.

This collection is a testament to the power of visual storytelling as it endeavours to shed light on the trials and tribulations endured by those embroiled in war. Through these evocative photographs, visitors are invited to confront the grim realities faced by individuals from all walks of life, united by the shared struggle against the backdrop of conflict.

The exhibition is being held at The Courtyard by The Ukraine Freedom Company in partnership with Hereford Elgar Rotary. The Ukraine Freedom Company are an organisation committed to providing aid to the war-torn regions. This poignant showcase stands as a silent but potent call to action, urging visitors to consider the far-reaching impacts of war on human lives and communities.
On Saturday 7 October at 2pm attendees can attend a talk where they will connect virtually with one of the frontline photographers. This unprecedented opportunity offers a firsthand account of the photographer’s experiences, transporting the audience into the heart of the conflict. The talk will focus on military successes and risks as well as the mental health of this nation at war. How are the people of Ukraine coping through war and what the UK can offer.

This talk is open to the public, an opportunity for both art enthusiasts and concerned citizens to deepen their understanding of the war’s intricacies and the remarkable resilience of those affected. Admission is free, however, due to the anticipated demand, advance booking is strongly encouraged.

Serhii Korovayny
Photojournalist, visual storyteller. In 2018, he returned to Ukraine from the United States, where he studied at the Master’s programme in Visual Storytelling as a Fulbright scholar. I work with photography, video and virtual reality technologies. As a photojournalist, he works with Ukrainian and international media: Financial Times, Society, KyivPost, Radio Liberty, The Ukrainians, Astana Times. He has also cooperates with the UN, OSCE, DRC/DDG, the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, the British Council, and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

The Ukraine Freedom Company together with Hereford Elgar Rotary supply the following aid to Ukraine.
1. Comfort Boxes for the men & women at the front, military equipment, sleeping bags, boots, cooking items, clothing, socks, soap, matches, candles, notebooks.
2. Medical Equipment, wheelchairs, Zimmer frames, dressings, clothing, bedding, beds, masks, gowns.
3. School items, books, pens, paper, games, folders, notebooks, rulers, stationery, toys, clothes.
4. General Aid to the Civil Power, clothing, tools, Garden items, Kitchen items, Household Items.
5. Items for animal welfare—Food, Baskets, Transit Cages
Veterinary supplies, brushes, bowels.
Find out how you can support The Ukraine Freedom Company’s work via their Just Giving page.