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Clare & Cory share a glorious story

Clare & Cory Share a Glorious Story

Children's & Family
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Duration: 50 minutes

Let us explain:
Jane shares her train (batteries not included)
Anmol shares his doll (wonky leg; mended several times)
Michael shares his cycle (a trusty three-wheeler)
Willow and Joe both have a go with a yo-yo
Clare NEVER EVER shares her pear
Until she loses the class bear (uh-oh)
Enter Cory
Can he save the day with a story?

Another ‘awesome’ show by Really Big Pants Theatre Company – with a glorious accompanying longer form picture book, illustrated by the award-winning Steve Smallman (of Poo in the Zoo fame!). For ages 3-7
Join this acclaimed theatre company on their return to The Courtyard for a glorious story of sharing, exploring, and daring. And really big pants.

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“The amazing Really Big Pants did it again, with their brand new show. Joy from start to finish. We loved it!”
St Richard’s Primary
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