Denial (12A).

Event runs on 5/5/2017 to – 8/5/2017.

1 hour, 50 minutes

A good old-fashioned courtroom drama adapted by David Hare and powered by tremendous performances. This is the compelling story of the famous libel case brought by notorious Holocaust denier David Irving. Spall’s Irving is a poisonous mix of insecurity and bravado, a man blinded by his own prejudice and amplified by bluster. While Weisz gives a nuanced turn as the impassioned Lipstadt, a Jewish-American historian who reluctantly finds herself representing an entire people in her quest to prove the truth. Documenting the necessary triumph of truth, reason and forensic fact over ignorance and prejudice, this is an essential tale for our ‘post-fact’ times.

Showing date: 5/5/2017
Showing time: 14:30

Pricing for 5/5/2017 at 14:30: £7, Concessions £6.50, under 16 £5

Showing date: 8/5/2017
Showing time: 11:00

Pricing for 8/5/2017 at 11:00: £7, includes tea/filter coffee and pastry

Showing date: 8/5/2017
Showing time: 18:00

Pricing for 8/5/2017 at 18:00: £7, Concessions £6.50, Under 16 £5