Generation Wealth (18).

Directed by: Lauren Greenfield.
Starring: Florian Homm, Tiffany Masters, Jaqueline Siegel.
Runs for: 106 minutes.
Event runs on 17/8/2018 to – 20/8/2018.

Lauren Greenfield’s postcard from the edge of the American Empire captures a portrait of a materialistic, image-obsessed culture. Simultaneously personal journey and historical essay, the film bears witness to the global boom–bust economy, the corrupted American Dream, and the human costs of late stage capitalism, narcissism, and greed.

This visual history of the growing obsession with wealth uses first-person interviews in Los Angeles, Moscow, Dubai, China and around the world to bear witness to the global boom-and-bust economy and document its complicated consequences. Through riveting first-person interviews, Greenfield’s journey starts in Los Angeles and spreads across America and beyond. We hear the stories of students, single parents, and families overwhelmed by crushing debt, yet determined to purchase luxury houses, cars, and clothing. Provoking serious reflection, “Generation Wealth” is not about the rich, but about the desire to be wealthy, at any cost.

“…both a compelling, damning cultural observation and testament to Greenfield’s own visual artistry.”
Nikki Baughan, Screen Daily

Showing date: 20/8/2018
Showing time: 19:45

Pricing for 20/8/2018 at 19:45: £7, Concession £6.50, Child Under 16 £5