Goodbye Christopher Robin (PG) November Screenings.

Directed by: Simon Curtis.
Starring: Margot Robbie, Domhnall Gleeson, Kelly Macdibakd.
Runs for: 107 minutes.
Event runs on 3/11/2017 to – 9/11/2017.

The story of A. A. Milne, the celebrated children’s creator of Winnie the Pooh, and his relationship with his young son, Christopher Robin, who, alongside his toys was the unwitting inspiration for one of the most successful children’s stories ever created. Set in England between the World Wars, young Christopher Robin is a painfully lonely little boy, an only child with little to no relationship with his successful socialite parents, who becomes an overnight international star due to the immense success of his father’s books.

 9th Nov 8.15pm – subtitled showing


Showing date: 3/11/2017
Showing time: 20:00

Pricing for 3/11/2017 at 20:00: £7, Concession £6.50, Child Under 16 £5

Showing date: 9/11/2017
Showing time: 20:15

Pricing for 9/11/2017 at 20:15: £7, Concession £6.50, Child Under 16 £5