Gook (15).

Directed by: Justin Chon.
Starring: Simone Baker, Justin Chon, Curtiss Cook Jr..
Runs for: 94 minutes.
Event runs on 23/4/2018 to – 24/4/2018.

Set during the LA Riots, catalysed by the acquittal of four policemen who were caught on camera beating a black taxi-driver Rodney King, this is spellbinding and confrontational filmmaking. Eli and Daniel, two Korean American brothers, own a struggling shoe store and have an unlikely friendship with Kamilla, a street wise 11-year-old African American girl. Kamilla ditches school, Eli stresses about the store, and Daniel tries to have a good time. It’s just another typical day at the store until the Rodney King verdict is read and riots break out. With the chaos moving towards them, the trio is forced to defend the store while contemplating the future of their own personal dreams and the true meaning of family.

“Justin Chon’s movie is praiseworthy, from its beautiful cinematography to its take on infamous events from a fresh perspective.” – Stephanie Merry, Washington Post

Won the Film Independent Spirit Award 2017 as Someone to Watch
Won Audience Award at Sundance Film Festival 2017

Showing date: 23/4/2018
Showing time: 18:00

Pricing for 23/4/2018 at 18:00: £7, Concessions £6.50, Children Under 16 £5

Showing date: 24/4/2018
Showing time: 19:45

Pricing for 24/4/2018 at 19:45: £7, Concessions £6.50, Children Under 16 £5