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ID Night Feb 2019

ID Night – February 2019

Thursday 1 January 1970
Duration: 80 minutes


Tanya Audas – At War with OCD
An aerial hoop piece about the struggles of having OCD and trying to maintain a functional relationship.

Kris Saunders – Love You Any Less
A dance interpretation of ‘Love You Any Less’ – Rag’n’Bone Man, about Kris’ partners support within our relationship and towards my disability.

Anna Akabali – Sitting
Solo talks about passing. About making decisions here and now before it will be too late. Time will go by anyway and it depends on us how our life will look like.

Anna Rose – Threnody
We follow a woman into the dying moments of an all-consuming love.  We watch passion become caustic, care transform into something possessive and monstrous.  Reluctance to let go turns tenderness to resentment, and she finds herself caught between the desire to leave and to simply surrender.  Emerging from a tangle of memories, she searches for herself again.

The Courtyard and 2Faced Dance Company proudly present ID which champions the work of emerging artists.
This season’s ID is a unique and exciting opportunity for up and coming artists from every art form to have their work profiled. So try something different and come and see some new and exciting work, it might be the next big thing!

Join us on the Main House stage to see emerging work from around the world. There’ll be wine in the wings for audience and artists at the end of the night.

Recommended Age 14+

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