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ID Night

I.D. Night

Event has passed.
Duration: 80 minutes

The Courtyard and 2Faced Dance Company proudly present I.D. which champions the work of emerging artists.

ID gives up-and-coming artists from every art form the opportunity to perform to a new audience. So try something different and join us for a unique experience on the Main House stage enjoying exciting emerging work from around the world.

There will be wine in the wings for audience and artists at the end of the evening.

Artists confirmed:

Lynn Dichon – This piece is about her and me.

Kris Saunders – This piece takes you on an intimate and emotional journey through the story of a person existing in a toxic and debilitating life, losing everything they hold dear. They are trapped with no hope of a future or way out.

Annali Ranioldi – My interest is addressed to the world of myth, to the most ancient form of thought, which includes and transcends every form of imagination, yet it is able to explain reality speaking directly to the consciousness of man.

Mana Dance Company – IN-stinct’ is a dynamic and physical duet. Focusing on the intricacies of human connections, unconscious nurture and the bodies organic responses in heightened environments. The piece explores the bodies physical power and the driving musical impulses in the score which build up alongside vigorous movement patterns.

Emma Hopely – ‘Why has the word feminism become such an uncomfortable one?’ Physicalising the words of Emma Watson at the UN in 2014, this self-choreographed solo work explores the continued fight for gender equality today.

Anna Dighero – Why is there so much filth in the world? What makes something filthy? Where does filth it come from and where does it end up?

Shauna McWilliams – An overworked mind that will not take a break. Overthinking to the extreme that the mind takes over you and you become it’s victim and therefore resulting in a state of restlessness. A state that leads to physical, mental and emotional exhaustion and finally a feeling of hopelessness.

Marlene Hell and Anna Zanetti – What would happen if people behaved in real life as they interact on dating apps? Not A Match! brings on stage the absurdity, awkwardness and hilariousness of online interactions, through dance. Think intimate encounters with complete strangers, over-thinking attitudes, and the eternal truth that “the one you love and the one who loves you are never, ever the same person” (Chuck Palahniuk).

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