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Irene’s Ghost (PG)

Borderlines Film Festival
Thursday 1 January 1970
Director: Iain Cunningham
Starring: David Arthur, Iain Cunningham
Duration: 81 minutes

Watching his daughter grow up triggers Iain Cunningham to find out about his own mother Irene, who died beyond the scope of his adult memory, when he was three. After decades of silence, Iain broaches the subject with his reticent father. A few meagre leads reunite him with relatives and Irene’s best friend, Lynn, and he pieces together a composite portrait of his mother – life in ’70s Nuneaton, work at the stocking factory, dances, holidays, marriage, and at the crux, his own birth. The gaps he fills with bursts of animation that stand for memories and fantasy, and gradually Irene comes to life. This intensely moving family history is a detective story that leads not to a single revelation, but a meditation on identity, mental illness, grief and the bonds of love and friendship.

Director Iain Cunningham will introduce the film on Monday with a Q&A to follow

Preview courtesy of Forward Features and Tyke Films

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Irene's Ghost (PG) Trailer