Loving Vincent (12A).

Runs for: 95 minutes.
Event runs on 18/11/2017 to – 22/11/2017.

On 27th July 1890 a gaunt figure stumbled down a drowsy high street at twilight in the small French country town of Auvers. The man was carrying nothing; his hands clasped to a fresh bullet wound leaking blood from his belly. This was Vincent van Gogh, loving Vincent tells that story, with intoxicatingly beautiful animation, bringing van Gogh’s unique style and iconic paintings to life.


Showing date: 20/11/2017
Showing time: 11:00

Pricing for 20/11/2017 at 11:00: £7 (includes tea/filter coffee and a pastry)

Showing date: 22/11/2017
Showing time: 20:15

Pricing for 22/11/2017 at 20:15: £7, Concession £6.50, Child Under 16 £5