Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts (15).

Directed by: Mouly Surya.
Starring: Egy Fedly, Dea Panendra, Yoga Pratama, Haydar Saliz, Marsha Timothy.
Runs for: 93 minutes.
Event runs on 18/5/2018 to – 21/5/2018.

This is a western of a new kind, a tale of redemption and empowerment. Markus (Fedly) rolls into the modest homestead of newly widowed Marlina (Timothy) on his motorbike. He invites himself into her home, announcing that his gang of bandits will seize her money, her livestock, and “if we have time, we’ll sleep with you,” all while in the presence of her husband’s mummified body. Surya builds nail-biting tension as Marlina exacts her revenge, in this perfectly executed, action, road-movie. Lush vistas and intriguing characters make this one of the most powerful films of this season.