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Mr Jones

Mr. Jones (15)

Borderlines Film Festival
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Director: Agnieszka Holland
Starring: James Norton, Vanessa Kirby, Peter Sarsgaard
Duration: 118 minutes

Inspired by her Eastern Ukrainian grandfather, Andrea Chalupa’s first script, made into a fine, bold film by Agnieszka Holland, reveals the extent of Stalin’s genocidal famine. Gareth Jones, an ambitious and idealistic Welsh journalist , a former government adviser to Lloyd George, decides to travel to Moscow in the 1930s in an attempt to get an interview with Stalin himself. Hearing murmurs of government­-induced famine, he travels clandestinely to Ukraine, where he witnesses the atrocities of man-made starvation first-hand. It’s a nightmarish personal journey that ratchets up to shocking revelations that are still not fully appreciated to this day.

“[Holland] has a real story to tell – a story that isn’t told enough – and a single, compelling and likable character with which to tell it.” 4 *Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

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