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Orchestra of The Swan, Starry sky with the silhouette of a person

Orchestra of the Swan – Canticles of the Sky

Event has passed.
Duration: 140 minutes

Futuristic Americana and Inspiration from a European Past.

Three generations of engaging Americana are represented in this concert, beginning with Jessie Montgomery’s smart and effervescent Starburst which achieves the perfect balance of edginess and accessibility; the slow burning, cinematic majesty of John Luther Adams’ Sky with Four Suns from Canticles of the Sky provides an ideal contrast. Aaron Copland’s Benny Goodman-inspired masterpiece makes a miraculous journey from doleful introspection to exhilarating jazz party.

Tansy Davies Residuum – after Dowland was commissioned by The Swan in 2004, and is made up of Davies’ own interpretation of ‘medieval dances’ using material from Dowland’s Galliard to Lachrymae. By contrast, Respighi’s enchanting The Birds Suite, in which he skilfully represents a dove, a hen, a nightingale and a cuckoo, harks back to a 17th century piece by French lutenist Jacques Gallot. Le Tombeau de Couperin, Ravel’s neoclassic homage to friends killed during the First World War also finds him looking to the past for inspiration, here in the form of François Couperin.

Jessie Montgomery  Starburst
John Luther Adams Four Suns from Canticles of the Sky
Copland Clarinet Concerto
Tansy Davies Residuum-after Dowland
Respighi The Birds Suite
Ravel Tombeau de Couperin
Conductor/Soloist Michael Collins

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