Radix Film Club: Run Lola Run (1998, 15, 35mm)

Monday 14 October 2024 18:30

This event is not bookable online. Please call the box office on 01432 340555 or pop into the foyer to book in person.

Tickets from: £6.00 to £8.00

Event Information

Starring: Franka Potente, Moritz Bleibtreu, Herbert Knaup 
Duration: 1 hours 17 minutes
Genre: Action

To celebrate the BFI’s Art of Action season, Radix Film Club is bringing back the German mega-hit Run Lola Run on a glorious 35mm print.

After her boyfriend Manni loses 100,000DM, Lola has 20 minutes to raise the money and deliver it before anyone finds out. Told from three perspectives and featuring a killer 90s dance soundtrack, Run Lola Run is small-scale low-budget action filmmaking at its best!

Foreign language with English subtitles.


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