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Return - A Journey in Sound, by Sara-Jane Arbury, Composed by Sophie Copper


Poetry/Spoken Word
Event has passed.
Duration: 40 minutes

Feral Productions present Return

A Courtyard commission to celebrate reopening.

A woman returns to the venue after many months’ absence. Immersed in sound she drifts from room to room, rediscovering the lost voices and identities that are buried in the brickwork.

Join us for a sound experience like no other. Travel with us from the airy chatter of the foyer to the hidden whispers of the backstage areas. Celebrate what has been and look to the horizons for what is yet to come in the spaces that collectively form… The Courtyard.

Return will take a small group on a private tour around The Courtyard, experiencing unique sound designs and poetry written and composed for each specific space.

Written by Sara-Jane Arbury
Composed and designed by Sophie Cooper
Creatively directed by Estelle van Warmelo
Performed by Madeleine MacMahon (pictured)

Tours are free but booking is essential

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