Shirley Valentine.

Event runs on 11/7/2017 to – 12/7/2017.

Inside Mrs. Bradshaw, a 42 year-old mother of two grown children, is the former Shirley Valentine longing to get out. Her hope and self-confidence badly shattered by uninspiring schooling, a stale and unfulfilling marriage, and an unimaginative life in Liverpool , she is reduced to talking to the kitchen wall whilst preparing her husband’s tea. As she sips a glass of wine she dreams a different sort of existence where she can drink wine in the country where the grape is grown.

This is Willy Russell’s insightful exploration of marriage in a working class society. It is an evening of entertainment that will not only have you crying with laughter but weeping tears of sympathy for Shirley Valentine.

“Bernadette Feeney has a comedian’s way with one-liners, impressions and double takes, and yet evokes the sadness in her character with all the strength of a tragedian. Spell binding!”

Internationally acclaimed performances in Canada and Australia.

This charitable production of Shirley Valentine is presented by special arrangement with Samuel French LTD. Recommended for age 16+

Showing date: 11/7/2017
Showing time: 19:30

Pricing for 11/7/2017 at 19:30: £21, Concessions £19

Showing date: 12/7/2017
Showing time: 19:30

Pricing for 12/7/2017 at 19:30: £21, Concessions £19