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Talking About Trees

Talking About Trees (PG)

Borderlines Film Festival
Event has passed.
Director: Suhaib Gasmelbari
Duration: 93 minutes

In Arabic with English subtitles.

Suliman and three further members of the ‘Sudanese Film Club’ have decided to revive an old cinema. What draws them together is not only their love of cinema and their passionate desire to restore old film stock and revive an interest in Sudanese film history, but also the fact that they have all enjoyed a film education in exile. Tirelessly, they try to get the cinema’s owners on their side and make the place operational again, but repeatedly find themselves up against considerable resistance. They sit together and talk about the past, their experiences of persecution and even torture as oppositional artists. They read out old letters written while in exile and dream of a Sudan in which art and intellectual thought can be free.

Best Documentary, Berlin Film Festival 2019

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