The Beefy Boys & the Tale of the Devil’s Cook Book (18).

Runs for: 180 minutes.
Event runs on 21/5/2018.

As we approach the anniversary of the death of our friend & colleague Alex Evans. Beefy Boys wanted to do something special to commemorate this wonderful man & also raise some money for the charity set up for him they will be showing all of the episodes of THE DEVIL’S COOK BOOK which he was the star of in one film length chunk.

The proceeds will be split between The Courtyard and The Alex Evans fund (set up to support young people in Herefordshire seeking to develop skills in the performing arts, as well as counselling services for people struggling with depression).

“But I’ve seen all these videos anyway, why would I want to see them all in one go at the cinema?” I hear you cry. Well, we will be showing the unreleased grand finale that’s why! For those that have somehow stuck with this series now is your chance to finally wrap this up and on the big screen! So let’s raise some money for our pal by watching some of his best work on the big screen.

Ages 18+