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The Endling, image: two men in waistcoats reaching forwards looking quizzically at something on one man's sleeve

The Endling

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Duration: 60 minutes

What if you were The Endling, the last of the human species? Visually beautiful, and laugh out loud funny, Strange Futures use their ‘powerful physicality’ (Scotsman 2019), to explore possible futures for the world, and all that inhabit it in this 4* show (LondonTheatre1). Remember Lonesome George – the very last Pinta Island Tortoise? You probably don’t remember Turgi, the last Polynesean Tree Snail. He died in a plastic box and his grave marker read “1.5 million years BC to January 1996”. Turgi was one of thousands of species Endlings in recent history – but is it time to contemplate a human Endling?

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