Upcycle Fabrics | Adapting Creative Arts for Older People.

Runs for: 180 minutes.
Event runs on 25/6/2018.

Training session for care staff, activity leaders and arts practitioners. A great big ‘Goodie Bag’, packed full of useful skills and ideas galore… accessible and affordable ways of running art sessions with Older People. Led by Jeanette McCulloch.

What to do with fabrics scraps….? Upcycle fabrics into new items – sensory, tactile and fun.
Shape-Cut-Paste…how to transfers images, add colour, use interlocking pieces, layering, weaving, we can think of oodles of ways to use recycled fabric.

Showing date: 25/6/2018
Showing time: 10:00

Pricing for 25/6/2018 at 10:00: £10