Evie Grinnell talks about playing Dorothy in Wizard of Oz

Evie GrinnellHi there, my name is Evie, aka Dorothy Gale, in The Wizard of Oz!

I can’t really put into words how excited I am to be playing the role that I am, especially since I’ve loved the story and the character since I was tiny. When I found out I’d got the part I was insanely happy (and relieved that I didn’t feel so anxious anymore). In short, I felt a lot like a three-year-old on Christmas morning.

I think the fact that I’ve literally grown up watching The Wizard of Oz, really made getting the part of Dorothy ten times more amazing. I’m definitely addicted to the show; I’ve seen it on stage in London, I’ve watched the film a hundred times and I’ve even performed in it a couple of times before as well. But this time is really special because I get to play the character I admire most.

Working on the play so far has been a lot of fun, but a large percentage of it has been hard work (and having a good memory to remember all those lines really helps). Since we’ve been playing around with different ideas and putting our own spin on it, I think it will be even better to be involved with (and pretty cool to watch as well). Plus, having people around you and in your cast who you look forward to working with, makes going to see the wizard even better!

All in all, I’m thoroughly looking forward to venturing somewhere over the rainbow!


Evie will be playing Dorothy in the Yellow Cast performances.

The Wizard of Oz will be performed by The Courtyard’s Junior Youth Theatre from Wednesday 24 – Saturday 27 April at 2.30pm and 7.30pm. To book tickets for The Wizard of Oz click here, or for more information contact the Box Office on 01432 340555.