From the Vine – A Word from Director, Sean Cisterna

Director, Sean Cisterna recently reached out to us about our upcoming screenings of his new film From the Vine. Below is a personalised letter to the audiences of The Courtyard from Sean. Click here to see From the Vine at The Courtyard Cinema from Monday 20 – Tuesday 28 September!


Hello Courtyard Arts community,

My name is Sean Cisterna and I’m writing from Toronto, Canada. When I received a Google Alert about my film From the Vine screening at your venue, I got trapped in a rabbit hole and started scrolling through your venue’s schedule and photos, and it’s making me yearn for travel in a most desperate way.

Perhaps, if you’re feeling like me, you might be yearning for travel, as well. When I directed From the Vine, which opens on September 20 at The Courtyard Arts, the world was a much different place. We were able to freely hop on planes and visit remote romantic locations like Acerenza, Italy, where the film takes place. The entire cast and crew – including Emmy winner Joe Pantoliano (The Sopranos, The Matrix, Memento) loved shooting in that idyllic mountain town, and we were treated by the community as though we were family.

I’ve heard many times over the course of this pandemic that one of From The Vine’s best gifts to the audience is that the film offers that wonder of travel again. So, if you’re willing, you can journey to and experience the rustic sights, sounds, tastes and beauty of southern Italy right from the comfort of your cinema seat.

Feel free to reach out and connect anytime and share your thoughts with me about From the Vine. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram at @seancisterna. It would be lovely to connect with you – the world needs more connectivity at a time like this.

Sean Cisterna


Tickets are available here or call our box office on 01432 340555