Inspired Festival Youth Theatre Blog

Inspired Festival Youth Theatre Blog

Youth Theatre member Jessica Warburton tells us about her experience as part of the Inspired festival in this Inspired Youth Festival Blog.

Recently, the Courtyard Intermediate Youth Theatre took part in the Inspired festival.

My group performed the play Remote, a story about apathy which explores young people’s place in the world. I played the character Antler, who climbs the tree in the middle of a park after smashing her phone up, seeing the apathy of people around her.

The rehearsal process was really enjoyable, and I became very adept at standing on a chair while holding my script and a Rubik’s cube! We also had fun creating the tree with several bamboo sticks that we held up, in various silly and un-tree-like ways!

Our performance also went really well (with a few invented lines to keep things running along smoothly!) and everyone in the group played their characters fantastically and all suited their parts. I think the hardest part was trying not to laugh at others’ funny lines!

Being part of Inspired has been a fantastic opportunity, and it was really nice seeing the other group’s performance too. My favourite part of it all was being able to see how far we’d all come and developed the play through rehearsal to give a finished piece.

A girl sat on top of white blocks surrounded by youth theatre members holding sticks around her