Interview with Max Hastings from Tapped

Get to know Max Hastings, the actor from Tapped who plays Gavi in this interview.

Interview with Max Hastings

For those who don’t know, could you tell us a bit about the plot of Tapped and its message?
Tapped is set in a garage in Nottingham, where Gavi has decided to set up a motivational self-help group for the whole town. Unfortunately, he can only convince two people to come. It’s a proper funny and witty play about wanting more from life.

You were in the original production of Tapped at Theatre 503 in 2022, what made you want to return to this play?
I had a great time in the original production, its such a real and authentic script that allows you to find different things in it every night, which is a gift for an actor. I’m really chuffed to be back.

What drew you to the role of Gavi?
Me and Gavi have a fair bit in common. We’ve grown up in the same part of the world and share a few similar life experiences. I do also have to admit that I am partial to a self-help book, and Gavi is basically a walking self-help book himself, so that’s a fun thing to put to use.

What are you most looking forward to in the rehearsal process for Tapped?
I’m looking forward to seeing how many of the lines I can remember from last year. I’m also excited to work with a new cast, and see how that changes the play and the relationships between the characters.

Do you enjoy touring theatre, what are you most excited about ahead of touring with Tapped?
I’ve actually never toured with a play before, so check back with me in a couple months and I’ll give you an honest answer, haha. But, I’m excited to see how the play is received differently in different parts of the country. I’m also excited for my Grandma to come and see it in Nottingham because she’s too scared of London.

What can audiences expect when coming to see Tapped?
You can expect a funny, feel-good experience that you will relate to in one way or another. You’ll experience the highs and lows of everyday life, and laugh and cry on the way.

A woman with blonde hair sits on a green plastic chair, in front of her a young man stands facing her with his hand held out Tapped image: three performers on stage, two are crouched looking in on the middle performer who has his hands in the air and is looking up to the ceiling A young male actor wearing a purple t-shirt and white zip up hoodie sits on the floor looking at a scroll. In the background a woman stands looking at him. Behind her is multicoloured bunting


A blonde female actor sat on the floor in front of a cardboard box, reading some papers. She is wearing a purple t-shirt that reads 'go get'. Behind her is a a dark haired female performer who is playing with the other woman's hairTapped is a heart-warming comedy that explores the importance of connection, fulfilment and (lack of) hope. In Stapleford aka Stabbo, we meet Gavi, Jen and Dawn at an amateur self-help group who all share one commonality: they’re desperate for escapism. Tapped is a witty and sensitive portrayal of managing mental health within a family, highlighting the barriers we put up in order to put on a brave face, whilst having those all-important lightbulb moments, like realising Aldi really does sell everything.

A play about eating too many biscuits, missed opportunities, big dreams in small places and how the idea of change is far easier said than done.Gavi wants to inspire his community. Which is tricky when everyone would prefer to just stay at home and watch Bake Off. Adamant to succeed, he starts hosting motivational meetings from his garage for his fellow Co-op colleagues. With the help of daily mantras, goal setting and repeatedly listening to Spandau Ballet, he believes he can change their lives for the better. However, when the only two attendees are bickering mother and daughter Dawn and Jen, it’s not quite the enlightening experience they all thought it would be. Dawn wants more from life, Jen wants a brand-new life and Gavi just wants Jen in his life; but there’s only so much ‘positive visualisation’ they can all do before simply facing up to the painful reality of what’s really going on.

Triggers and advisories

● Derogatory language surrounding mental health: Tapped – a term meaning someone who is mentally unwell
● Bereavement: Tapped deals with the loss of loved ones
● Themes of depression: Discussion of past experience of and symptoms of depression
● Brief mention of suicide
● Mention of crime & violence : Stapleford is nicknamed “stabbo” after it’s high prevalence of knife crime

Tapped will be in the Studio Theatre on Wednesday 10 May at 7.45pm.

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