Introducing The Courtyard’s new Head Chef!

Introducing The Courtyard’s new Head Chef!

We are thrilled to be introducing The Courtyard’s new Head Chef, Dickie Flinn! Dickie recently joined The Courtyard’s Food and Drink team and he has already become a part of The Courtyard family. He has come up with many fantastic ideas ahead of the relaunch of our Chase Lounge. We are really excited to have him on board!


A note from Dickie

We caught up with Dickie this week and asked him to tell us a little bit about himself. Here is what he said.

“Firstly, a huge thank you to all the staff for making me feel so welcome. In just over a month I already feel like part of The Courtyard family and a special thank you to all the staff who have stepped up to help us in the kitchen over Christmas when we were a little short.

A little about me.

I started my career in small independent restaurants working towards 2 rosettes in the Scottish hotel chains flagship restaurant “First Floor in the Holland.” Since then I have worked in a mixture of small and medium sized fresh food restaurants and have a passion for seafood and Italian cuisine. In 2010 I completed a degree in hospitality management to give me a more rounded and complete knowledge of the hospitality sector. Since then I have run my own restaurant and helped to grow others.

I’m looking forward to the new challenges ahead as we invest in what The Courtyard already does really well and in bringing something a bit different in the relaunch of the Chase Lounge.”


Welcome to The Courtyard, Dickie! Keep an eye out for all Chase Lounge related news on our Food and Drink page.