Letters from Benjie – The positive impact of The Courtyard

We were delighted to received these letters from Benjie, a loyal Courtyard customer.

Benjie attends our Pantomimes, children’s Christmas shows and Family Festivals every year. He is also a regular participant of our Inclusive Workshops.

Benjie loves making photographs of his memories into artwork and kindly sent us these two cards that he made.

Cards from Benjie

The first card is about our children’s Christmas show. Sadly Benjie got ill and was unable to attend the children’s Christmas Show, The Snow Queen. Luckily we made the show available to view digitally and so Benjie was able to enjoy The Snow Queen from the comfort of his own home.

A selection of photographs cut into long thin strips and stuck onto a card

Benjie’s card to The Snow Queen team reads:

“Dear Gerda and Kay,

Thank you for your play ‘The Snow Queen’ at Christmas! I enjoyed it very much and watched it lots of times on my computer. I can’t wait to see you at The Courtyard again! I learnt all the songs and I remember Kay from ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’ as Korky. Hopefully next year I can take a proper photo with you at the end of the show. I like to introduce myself. 

Kind regards,

Benjie x”


The second card from Benjie features an array of photographs from his trips here, from Family Festivals to Pantomimes.

A collage of photographs from Courtyard Family Festival and Pantomimes

This card reads:

“Dear Courtyard,

Thank you for organising events like the Family Fun Day and the Pantomime! I enjoy them very much. I particularly like to have my photo taken with the actors. I like editing photos long and thin and I like making cards. Can we have more family and children Saturday shows in the studio please! It’s too long to wait for Pantomime season, I am always very sad when it finishes. 

Kind regards,

Benjie x”


Courtyard Family Saturdays

Two young children and a workshop leader gathered around a table playing with Lego structures

Benjie will be pleased to know that we have a host of exciting family friendly events every Saturday. Courtyard Family Saturdays include workshops, films, shows and extra activities for all the family to enjoy, at an affordable price. Each Saturday morning event at 11am has a free pre-activity from 10.30am.


Inclusive work at The Courtyard

Two young people with learning disabilities with two workshop leaders making a sculpture with their bodies

Benjie is one of our regular Inclusive Workshop participants, and we love having him as part of the group!

With thanks to vital funding from Children in Need and Hereford Community Foundation, The Courtyard’s Education Department have established a programme of inclusive work that offers those with or without specific learning needs or disabilities the opportunity to engage in fun, creative and educational workshops and sessions.

Workshops range from one day sessions to a whole week of fun activities. Our week long Inclusive Workshops offer participants the opportunity to work towards their Arts Award. Arts Award is a nationally recognised qualification and supports young people to connect with and take part in the wider arts world, and develop creativity, communication, and leadership skills

For more information about our Inclusive work contact Rebecca Cook on 01432 346511 or email rebecca.cook@courtyard.org.uk.