Lighting Up Pink And Blue For Baby Loss Awareness Week

Saturday 9 October – Friday 15 October is Baby Loss Awareness Week

Every year Baby Loss Awareness Week aims to raise awareness about miscarriage in the UK. It aims to bring the community together to support those affected. This week is led by charities such as Sands (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death charity) and Hereford Sands. It honours every little life lost.

This year, we will be lighting The Courtyard building in pink and blue to show our support from Saturday evening.

The Courtyard lit up pink and blue
The Courtyard lit up pink and blue

Cold Premiere – Thursday 7 October

Yesterday evening we screened the premiere of Cold, an Open Sky Production in partnership with Turtle Key Arts and The Courtyard.

Production images from Cold
Images from Cold

After a routine ante-natal appointment a thirty something couple find themselves transported to a terrifying frozen forest in which they are unable to speak. Forced to shelter in a remote cabin, hunted by a ferocious wild beast and desperate to find their way home, they are forced to confront the brutal truth about themselves, each other and the future of their unborn child.

Cold is a deeply personal work for Director Claire Coaché and writer Lisle Turner. After experiencing an unavoidable medical termination and then a miscarriage in which Claire experienced near fatal blood loss, they were determined to speak about a subject so often awkwardly avoided.

The work is based not only on their experiences but on the first-person testimonies of other couples willing to speak about this subject. Their stories have been stored for posterity on our microsite The Forest of The Lost (coming soon).

Cold is a thing of beauty, born of pain.

There is still time to catch this thought-provoking piece at Ledbury’s Market Theatre tomorrow evening (9 October). For more information about Cold, head to Open Sky’s website here.


Find out more about Baby Loss Awareness Week, as well as what you can do to show your support, on Sands’ official website.