Lord of the Flies – Desert Island Discs

This month as part of Arts Council England’s #70things challenge we have been challenged to create our own Desert Island Discs – which eight records would you want with you if you were stranded on a remote island? What could be more fitting than to chat to real survivors of a desert island experience – our Lord of the Flies cast! Our Marketing Volunteer Alice couldn’t settle on our final eight so here is our top ten!


10. One of Us by Joan Osborne

At number 10 we have One of Us by Joan Osborne chosen by Lee. Lee, who has been cast in the role of Simon in the company B production, explained that “Simon loves mystery and is quite a quirky character. The song has an element of religion and my character is associated with religion in the play. Simon is also quite sentimental but tends to ask a lot of questions”.


9. Black Magic by Little Mix

The next choice comes from Annabel and Freya who will be playing twins Sam and Erica in the production. They’ve chosen Black Magic by Little Mix a former chart topper earlier this year, the girls said “Erica and Sam can relate to the strong bond within Little Mix and Black Magic is just a no brainer!”


8. Just like Fire by Pink

Due to its upbeat style and catchy tune, Emily chose Just like Fire by Pink. Emily said “This song is so positive. Not everyone knows it and I don’t think Erica would follow the crowd, she would have her own taste of music”. Emily will be performing in Company B of Lord of the Flies.


7. Alive by Chase and Status

Alive by Chase and Status has been chosen by William who told us, “With a strong and fast beat from the start, it reflects Henry’s need to mess around and feel alive”. William will appear as Henry in Company A.


6. Babel by Mumford and Sons

“Motivating and upbeat to keep spirits up and an inspiration to keep surviving” is how Lydia described Babel by Mumford and Sons as a brilliant suggestion for our disc. Lydia will part of Company B and will undertake the role of Peters.


5. Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Suede

Jade will be playing Henri in Company B. She has suggested Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Suede which we’ve decided to place at number 5 on the disc. Jade passionately told us that “This piece of music starts with an upbeat chant to get you pumped before moving into a positive, high energy song which is great fun to dance to. This song makes me very happy and always puts a smile on my face”.


4. That’s Life by Frank Sinatra

Stanton Wright is one of the professional actors performing in the show and he has chosen That’s Life by Frank Sinatra – a wonderful song which we had to agree to have on the desert island disc. Stanton told us he chose it because his character’s father would always play his records for days on end when he returned home from serving in the navy.


3. Highway to Hell by ACDC

Company B’s Roger will be played by Sam whose song choice is nothing less than brilliant, Highway to Hell by ACDC. Sam suggests that it illustrates Roger’s “savage nature” but all we want to think about is air guitars and a load of head banging!


2. Stayin’ Alive by Bee Gees

At number two, an absolute classic – Stayin’ Alive by Bee Gees! A super choice by Toby, who will be playing Maurice. Toby tells us “This song would amuse Maurice when he is feeling low and it would keep him sane”. We can be sure that this song will be appreciated by all the stranded schoolchildren!


1.Land of Hope and Glory

When all seems lost and hopeless, this final choice made by Fletcher was by far our favourite of the lot. Along with the essential Piggy glasses that he will be stranded on the stage with, Fletcher has chosen Land of Hope and Glory as his Desert Island song. He told us ‘When times get hard on the island, we can be reminded of our British routes and can behave like English men, not savages”!


There you have it! Our Desert Island Disc is complete and safely in the pockets of the children who are soon to be #courtstranded! Lord of the Flies will be performed at The Courtyard from Thursday 6 – Saturday 15 October 2016 tickets are £13 and concessions £11.