Meet our Courtyard volunteer, Bethany Smith!

Bethany Smith is a volunteer at The Courtyard. After completing her work experience a few years ago with our Education Team, she is back to assist with our inclusive programme of work. Beth prepares workshop materials and supports our young participants during sessions.

Can you introduce yourself? What are your hobbies and interests?

Hi my name is Beth, age 24, and I have Down’s Syndrome. I am also volunteering at The Courtyard. I used to play football and go swimming. My favourite football team is Arsenal.

Why did you want to volunteer at The Courtyard?

I want to The Courtyard to do some work experience with Rebecca (from the Education team) – it was a wonderful experience.

What jobs have you done as part of your volunteering?

I’m happy with my job, I’ve done some cutting out, colouring and laminating and I enjoyed it. I help children in a workshop as part of the staff team – I have a uniform and name badge!

Why do you enjoy volunteering at The Courtyard?

I enjoy everything at The Courtyard.

Can you talk about the fairy tales inclusive workshop you assisted with during half term?

We made some dragons and colouring pictures. We also used masks for little bit of drama that we could try on. We had a picture of the children wearing a mask and without the mask. It was amazing and we had wonderful Rebecca to help in our activity. I like to say thank you to Rebecca from me, and all the staff were beautiful kind and nice to me. Thank you all The Courtyard staff for having me.