Meet our Youth Theatre Committee

Our Youth Theatre is made up of over 350 young people with weekly sessions taking place in Hereford, Bromyard, Kington and Ross-on-Wye. Representatives from each group, aged year 7 and above, meet regularly to form the Youth Theatre committee. This term, they have come up with their own mission statement:


The Youth Theatre Committee give Youth Theatre members a voice, make decisions to improve it and support its members. They will promote and celebrate the projects of each youth theatre groups at The Courtyard and community venues whilst providing opportunities for members to meet and engage in theatrical experiences.


The committee are looking forward to creating events such as a talent show, running competitions and bringing the groups together to watch different shows. As well as being part of the committee, they are also busy creating different performances in their regular classes. Harry, Sophie, Gilbert and Lucas tell us more:




My name is Harry and I am part of the year 9 Courtyard group and currently we are working on an end of term performance for parents. The performances are about TV shows that have a slight difference. For example, Strictly Come Cooking which is a based on Strictly Come Dancing with an essence of cooking shows. There are three groups doing different shows. The other two shows are I’m a Youtuber Get Me Out of Here and Britain’s Got Radios.







Hello, I am Sophie and I am part of Kington Intermediates. We are working on a play called ’14 Reasons Not To Be in a Play’ which is part of next year’s Inspired Festival. Because there are so many parts, our group have to multi-role with different characters. Our play is going to bring lots of comedy and fun even though the characters are meant to be serious. The Inspired Festival will be at The Courtyard on Sunday 22 March (tickets on sale now).

I joined the committee because I wanted to put forward great ideas and because I have never been part of a group like this.






Hello, I am Gilbert from The Courtyard’s Year 8 group. This last term, we have been looking at a TV theme with a variety of genres. We have changed the names of plays to names such as ‘The ‘Y’ Factor’ and ‘Britain’s Got Toys R Us’. We have a performance next week and the whole group is excited for it! It has been a great term in year 8!







My name is Lucas Harris and I’m part of the Senior Youth Theatre at The Courtyard. This year we’ll be doing Romeo and Juliet and our auditions are nearly here (and to be honest I’m really excited!) We’ve focused on how the language of Shakespeare is spoken and learnt stage combat and the main theme of our production is post-apocalyptic. Also, the Bromyard Seniors are doing Much Ado About Nothing. Both groups will raise the roof up high next summer!





Want to join the Youth Theatre? Visit our Youth Theatre page for more information.