National Volunteers’ Week: The Courtyard Press Cutters

In celebration of Volunteers’ Week, we wanted to say THANK YOU to our volunteers for their contribution, with a special exhibition all about them!

The Courtyard depends hugely on the kindness of supporters so we decided to dedicate an exhibition to the very volunteers that make this organisation tick and acknowledge the generous support that they give. What better way to celebrate our volunteers than to tell the world all about them, including why they volunteer and some of their favourite memories.

The Courtyard are extremely fortunate to have a huge range of volunteers who support them within their work.

From Youth Theatre Assistants to Press Cutting volunteers, there really is something for everyone to get involved with at The Courtyard.

Every Thursday morning you will see our Press Cutters, Peggy & Sue, checking through all the local papers to find any mentions of The Courtyard whether it’s an advert or a story about an upcoming show.

Sue has been volunteering for 1 year, she talked to us about how she feels about her weekly visits:

Press Cutter - Sue

Sue, a newer member to our volunteer team.

“I volunteer at The Courtyard because I just love theatre! I was in Am-dram in my teens and fundraised to get a theatre in Hereford.

My favourite thing about volunteering is just being involved… and excellent cups of tea!

If you’re thinking about volunteering, my advice is go for it!

My favourite memory was looking up from cutting out articles and finding myself surrounded by Roald Dahl characters on World Book Day!”

Peggy, on the other hand, has been a volunteer at The Courtyard for 10 years, she also attends a lot of shows here. In the run up to Volunteers’ Week she was telling us about the time she got to have lunch with the Chairman because she had bought more tickets than anyone else!

Press Cutter - Peggy

Peggy has volunteered at The Courtyard for a decade.

“I volunteer at The Courtyard because I think that it is a great Arts Centre and social meeting place with many outreach activities in the community.

My favourite thing about volunteering is just being part of The Courtyard.

If you’re thinking about volunteering, my advice is go ahead and think yourself lucky if you’re in!”

If you’re interested in volunteering at The Courtyard contact us on