It’s Official, The Arts Make You Happy!

For International Day of Happiness we looked in to what makes people happy!


And it’s official, the arts really do make people happy and aid in well-being! A study into what makes people happy concluded that, of the top six most happiness-inducing activities, four are arts-related They are, in descending order:

Happiness Blog - child

1)      Love
2)      Sports/running/exercise
3)      Theatre/dance/concerts
4)      Singing/performing
5)      Exhibition/museum/library
6)      Hobbies/arts/crafts

But we didn’t need to be told that. At The Courtyard, it’s our business to provide interesting, fun and creative activities, performances and outlets for people across Herefordshire, all of which make us happy and aid in well-being.

These range from our activities for young people, starting from our music and dance classes for toddlers, to our Youth Theatre programme which provides drama opportunities for those aged 4 to 24, through to our Creative Aging projects, which provide fun, engaging activities for those aged 50+.

Chance to Dance

The Arts Council recently revealed new research which showed that 76% of older people saying arts and culture is important in making them feel happy.

We also know that arts and culture are crucial to imagination, self-expression and creativity in younger people.

So what makes you happy? Let us know by commenting below!