Buffet Menu One

£12 per person

Selection of sandwiches

Cheese and tomato pizza V

Breaded fish bites, tartar sauce

Selection of crudités Gf/Ve

Homemade sausage rolls

Selection of finger cakes V

Buffet Menu Two

£15 per person

Selection of topped bruschetta

Selection of pizzas V

Cheese and pineapple V

Spring rolls, hoisin dip V

Selection of quiches

BBQ chicken drum sticks GF

Tempura chilli prawns

Mushroom arancini, garlic mayonnaise V

Selection of finger cakes V

Buffet Menu Three

£20 per person

Homemade sausage rolls

Kings’ coronation quiche V

Baked cheese scones, whipped ricotta, sun dried tomatoes V

Selection of topped bruschetta

Tempura chilli prawns

Lettuce wraps filled with smoked chicken, satay sauce, Asian slaw Gf

Dressed salmon pavé Gf

Lemon and thyme chicken skewers Gf

Selection of cake bites V

Fruit platter V


V – Vegetarian, Gf – Gluten Free, Ve – Vegan

Allergen, intolerance or dietary requirement ?

If you have any dietary requirements please contact us and we will prepare individual barrier prepared plates in advance