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Relaxed Screening in the Studio

Relaxed Events at The Courtyard

In 2014 The Courtyard put on our first ever relaxed performance of the pantomime, Jack & the Beanstalk. Since that time relaxed screenings and performances have become a big part of our regular programme with annual relaxed pantomimes, relaxed film screenings every 6-8 weeks and our first relaxed children’s Christmas show in December 2018.

We work hard to make the arts accessible to everyone living in Herefordshire and the surrounding areas. By holding regular relaxed events we are able, in particular, to do this for individuals with autism spectrum conditions, learning difficulties or sensory and communication difficulties. Of course, they are open to everyone and if you feel you might benefit from a more relaxed environment, you are more than welcome to attend one of these events.

The whole building gets involved on the days we have relaxed performances with a separate chill out area available, visual aids to help get around the building and autism hours either side of the events, a scheme encouraged by the National Autistic Society.

The events can be booked in whatever way you feel most comfortable with, but our Box Office staff are fully trained to answer any questions you have about how the events work and can issue free tickets for any accompanying carers that might be attending.

Before you arrive an individualised short story that breaks down your visit to understandable steps to make you more comfortable with what can be a challenging situation of attending the theatre or cinema. This is called a Social Story and can be downloaded or viewed on the website. Box Office staff will also happily print this out when requested.

During the events we keep the lights low but not completely off, you can take some time out in the designated chill out area and for cinema screenings the seating is informal with tables, chairs and bean bags for you to use and you’re free to move around if you’d like to.

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