Return – an audio performance to celebrate reopening

Feral Productions present Return – an audio performance to celebrate reopening.

Return – a Feral Production in partnership with The Courtyard

Return was commissioned by The Courtyard to celebrate reopening. The building had been shut for over a year due to the Covid19 pandemic.  The production took small groups on a private tour around The Courtyard. They experienced unique sound designs and poetry written and composed for each specific space.

From the airy chatter of the foyer to the hidden whispers of the backstage areas. Return celebrates what has been, and looks to the horizons for what is yet to come. Audiences could get lost in the spaces that collectively form The Courtyard.

We are delighted to share the audio pieces from Return with you via the videos below.

Return – an audio performance to celebrate reopening

Written by Sara-Jane Arbury.
Composed and designed by Sophie Cooper.
Creatively directed by Estelle van Warmelo.
Performed by Madeleine MacMahon.

View the Return Programme here


Return – an introduction by Sophie Cooper


Part One: The Foyer


Part Two: The Garrick Room


Part Three: The Office


Part Four: The Dressing Room


Part Five: The Auditorium


Part Six: The Room of Futures