The Courtyard’s First Adult Inclusive Rave!

The Courtyard Hereford’s First Inclusive Rave

On Friday, 21 June 2024, we hosted our first Inclusive Adult Rave, Joy Club, an event designed especially for adults with learning disabilities. Joy Club was brought to life through the dedicated efforts of The Courtyard’s Participation Manager, Ellen Dorsett, and creative practitioner, Toni Cook. This vibrant and joyous occasion took place in our fantastic Nell Gwynne Studio, transforming it into a dance haven filled with glitter, glow sticks, and an infectious sense of celebration.

Joy Club – Inclusive Adult Rave. Three people in wheelchairs have colourful hoops around them, whilst 2 people dance in front of them. There are lots of bunting and balloons int he background.

DJ Andy took to the decks, providing a mix of beats that had everyone moving and grooving. The rave was not just a dance party; it was a statement of inclusion and community, highlighting the importance of accessibility and fun for all. The atmosphere was charged with excitement as attendees enjoyed the freedom to express themselves and connect with others in a welcoming and supportive environment.

Joy Club – Inclusive Adult Rave - Cook the Courtyard Bear (a big mascot costume) does the hula hoop, whilst people watch on smiling.

With over 60 people in attendance, it was a resounding success. The energy in the room was palpable, as everyone came together to celebrate the end of Learning Disability Week. The inclusive rave offered a unique space where adults with learning disabilities could enjoy a night out, socialise, and experience a rave in a safe and inclusive setting.

Joy Club – Inclusive Adult Rave: A young male in a wheelchair, wearing ear defenders holds a balloon and has a colourful hoop around him. There are lots of bunting and balloons in the background.

It was more than just a party; it was a celebration of diversity, community, and joy. The success of the event underscores the importance of creating spaces where everyone, regardless of their abilities, can come together and have a great time.

Joy Club – Inclusive Adult Rave: Several people, some in wheelchairs, dance in a studio space, they're surrounded by bunting and balloons.

A huge thank you to everyone who attended and made it so special, and to DJ Andy for keeping the energy high and the dance floor full. Here’s to many more inclusive raves and unforgettable nights at The Courtyard Hereford!

Join us at our next Joy Club Inclusive Adult Rave on Friday 23 August 2024!

Photography by Joe Nobile.