Theatres Trust help The Courtyard towards becoming a zero-carbon venue

May Update

The solar panels are now installed and functional thanks to the funding from Theatres Trust ‘Theatre Improvement Scheme’! This a huge step for The Courtyard towards becoming as energy efficient as possible. As a part of Hereford’s 20 for 2030 campaign we are committed to reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2030. Already these panels are covering the majority of our daytime energy usage! See below to find out more about the Theatre Trust’s investment and our other actions to combat our environmental impact.

Solar panels on the roof of The Courtyard

Theatres Trust Theatre Improvement Scheme

Theatres Trust has awarded £120,000 from its Theatre Improvement Scheme, in partnership with the Wolfson Foundation, to eight theatres on their journey to reducing the environmental impact of their buildings.

Jon Morgan, Director of Theatres Trust, says “Working with the Wolfson Foundation we continue our focus on the long-term environmental sustainability of theatres, a major priority for the sector. The challenge of taking a theatre and making it fit for purpose in the context of the climate emergency is huge but these projects represent the type of small, practical and impactful projects every size and age of theatre should consider on the path to sustainability.”

Funding for The Courtyard

The Courtyard have received £12k from Theatres Trust’s Theatre Improvement Scheme which will be used to install further solar panels on the roof.

“We are delighted to receive the match funding for our solar PV project.” Says Courtyard Operations manager, Phil Pearcy, “The new array of solar PV will help us generate 20% of our electricity aiding us on our journey to becoming a zero-carbon venue and contributing to Hereford’s ambition to be zero carbon by 2030”


The Courtyard building with Beryl Bikes parked outside Solar panels against a bright blue sky A woman and a man stood next to Pedicargo A row of Beryl Bikes in front of The Courtyard building


The Courtyard’s commitment to the environment

In 2018 The Courtyard joined forces with other arts and cultural organisations in the UK and Herefordshire Council to declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency. The arts venue pledged to work with and support local communities, council and stakeholders in urgently tackling this Climate Emergency, and call upon others to do the same.

Some of the ways The Courtyard have been working to reduce its carbon footprint include; instating an Eco Group who implement and monitor an action plan, operating a zero waste to landfill policy; rolling out green riders to visiting companies and installing Smart Water Management Systems across the building.

The Courtyard have also partnered with Beryl and Pedicargo in its aim to provide ‘green leadership’ within the arts.

Beryl provide The Courtyard’s Education practitioners and Senior Youth Theatre members free zero carbon travel to and from classes and give audiences an alternative way of visiting the venue.

Pedicargo are helping The Courtyard to achieve a zero-carbon waste management programme by 2023. They turn glass waste into sand for local flood defences and construction and food waste into compost to nourish local soil, all while using zero carbon transport for segregated waste.

Find out more about The Courtyard’s commitment to becoming a zero-carbon venue. 


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