Why I Love Mondays…

Barbara Walmsley is a member of The Garrick Singers – a daytime choir which is run as a partnership between The Courtyard’s Creative Ageing team and The Music Pool, a community music charity also based at our venue.

The Garrick Singers performing at Family Festival“Who loves Mondays?  I do – well, especially since early 2013 when I attended the very first session of the Garrick Singers at The Courtyard.

Maybe my top notes were a bit creaky (being half a century since my school choir days!) but as the weeks of practice turned into months, it was so good to find my voice again.

Even if I had never sung before but just wanted to try something new, I’m convinced that Jon Watson’s enthusiasm would have encouraged me to have a go as part of this new choir for retirees.  Jon is musical director of the Garrick Singers (as well as leader of the Fire Choir) and demonstrates his considerable skills as a pianist, providing accompaniment for a great variety of songs, including his own arrangements designed for us  Jon’s wicked sense of humour ensures that the mood is happy throughout the sessions.  He has the experience and ability to draw the best out of his choir and is always full of encouragement.

Singing lifts the spirit and re-kindles joy in the saddest of hearts;  that is why I love Mondays because being a Garrick Singer has brought another strand of music into my life, together with new friends in one of my favourite places – The Courtyard, Hereford.”


I Heart CYThis blog post was written as part of I Heart CY, the latest fundraising campaign to support The Courtyard (Reg. Charity No 1067869). I Heart CY is a celebration of why individuals love The Courtyard for more information please visit the fundraising page.

The Garrick Singers meet every Monday during term time, for more information please click here

The Music Pool is the community music charity (Reg. Charity No 700196) for Herefordshire and its borders.