Work Experience Student, Maddie, Reviews Cultivate Exhibition

This week Maddie Cross has joined us at The Courtyard for her work experience week. We asked her what she thought of the recently launched Cultivate 2023 exhibition. This is what she had to say…

“I think that the art gallery in The Courtyard is interesting to walk around and have a look at all the different pieces they have showing.

I particularly liked Cold and Hurt, Burnt and Hurt and Hurt because they show how colour can express emotion and the texture makes it look more detailed. You can also tell how they feel by their facial expression.

I also really enjoyed looking at Under The Influence as it shows two sides to the person’s instincts. Red meaning bad and not a good idea and green meaning good and a good idea. I like how there’s loads of colours but two main ones to separate the good from the bad.

Lastly, I really loved checking out the Close House Project and I think it was my favourite because the bright colours really caught my attention. You could visualise what they want the observer to think. In that project my favourite was the photo of the shape all alone in a tunnel because to me it symbolises that even though it seems you’re alone you will always have someone or something there to help you.

Overall, I enjoyed looking around at all the projects and reading about why and how they were made. I definitely recommend for others to come and visit because I know they will enjoy looking at the art just as much as I did.”

Cultivate@Courtyard is our annual Visual Arts project for young emerging artists aged 16-25 in Herefordshire, running until 30 July. The artists have been shortlisted from a vast amount of entries and will be mentored by professional artist Dermot Clarke. This year’s participants are Darcy Ecclestone, George Markham, Phoebe Merrifield, William Barnett and Close House Collective. The exhibition will cover a range of disciplines including; blacksmithing, textiles, fine art, illustration and sculpture – don’t miss it!